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Thursday, 21 February 2013 00:00

Gun packing women on the rise

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Written by Delilah Jean Williams.

In recent times, women have been buying guns in more numbers and it started well before the massacre at Sandy Hook.

Currently, there are varying polls available, but approximately 23 percent of women identify as gun owners, which is up 13 percent since 2005. The National Shooting Sports Foundation states that 73 percent of gun dealers reported an increase in female customers in 2011.

Weapons manufacturers have been targeting women for years, with advertising and products designed to appeal to small-framed individuals, colored accessories and shooting gloves, while using motto’s like “look cute while you shoot!”


However, advertisers haven’t mentioned the use of assault weapons by women and there haven’t been any handbags produced that are big enough to inconspicuously pack them around. In fact, women have varying reasons for gun ownership, including family heirlooms from their fathers, target shooting competitions, independence and self-defense.

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