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Tuesday, 11 December 2012 00:00

The holidays can be a perilous time for women

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From the Orlando Sentinal:

Sgt. Jamie Loomis is an imposing figure with or without her Winter Park police uniform.

When she yells, she means it. When she feels threatened, she assumes a defensive position. When her life is on the line, she fights with every fiber of her strength because Loomis vowed not to be a victim.

Empowering other women to adopt similar attitudes and reduce their risk of being targeted by violent criminals is what Loomis specializes in as a self-defense instructor for the police department.

 "As women, we are not prepared to protect ourselves," Loomis said. "I teach women to embrace their 'Spidey' sense and use it, not ignore it."

Whether at home or on the street, the holidays can be a potentially perilous time for women lacking the basic physical and psychological skills to ward off danger.

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