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What Clients Say About Us

  • Golden West Enterprises highly recommends the bed side holster holder. This product has many uses. It is easy to use. Gives you peace of mind that all your devices are at your bed side.
  • "I just received my bedside holster holder in the mail. I can't tell you how excited I am to have this in my home. I am going to order more for other uses throughout the house because I am constantly looking for devices such as remote controls and cell phones. Don't delay...order some for your home TODAY."
  • "I purchase a combo pack and am very happy with the product. I have one holster holder in my bedroom with my side arm at my right arm the other holster holder placed n the spare room and holds the remote to the TV. Neatly tucks in my mattress and couch, durable product, easy to use. Pillowpal will hold many different items with ease. This product is a great idea. It is everything the site describes it is and MORE!!"
  • "My sister was home laid up in bed for months. We had to constantly move her drain bag out of the walk way so people could visit. The drain bag sitting up on the pole was such an "attraction" we decided to shop around for some other way of holding her drain bag. Searching the internet we found this product, ordered it and I have to tell you it is PERFECT! Easy, durable, and attractive is the Pillow Pal, and it is "out of the walk way" and we never have to keep moving it around. It is out of sight but NOT out of mind.....affordable to....very happy!! :)"
  • "The bedside/couchside holster holder is just what I have been looking for....such a great idea and a great price."
  • "I am writing this blog to let everyone know how much PillowPal Holster Holder has helped me safely tuck my side arm by my bedside. Before I got this product I kept my fire arm in my night stand drawer hoping I wouldn't have to fumble around to find it when I needed it. Now, with Pillowpal Holster Holder I never have to worry about that again. Everyone should have this product in their home."