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Is personal defense against home invasion important to you? If so, you can't go wrong by investing just $19.95 in the Pillow-Pal® Bedside Holster Holder.

The Pillow-Pal® Bedside Holster Holder is a handy, concealable bedside holster holder that slips securely between your mattress and box springs to provide a snug platform for attaching belt clip-style holsters, cases or rings with snapping belt loops. With Pillow-Pal® in place you have instant access to whatever you choose to keep by your bedside.

Pillow-Pal®, your belt-clip-style bedside holster holder, can also be used to hold a personal defense mechanism of any kind:

  • hand gun
  • taser
  • panic button
  • stun gun
  • aerosol chemical agent
  • flashlight or cell phone
  • The personal defense possibilities are unlimited with the Pillow-Pal® Bedside Holster Holder.



    About Pillow PalBedside Holster Holder

    The Pillow Pal ULTIMATE SELF DEFENSE bedside holster holder is made from high impact plastic, virtually unbreakable and lightweight. It's easy to use! Just pull up your mattress and insert it between the box springs and mattress. No need to remove your sheets or bed covers! Plus, the convenient design can be used for non safety uses as well as for medical uses, either in the home or the hospital. 

    In the bedroom or around the house, Pillow Pal keeps all sorts of items at hand while you are sleeping:

      • Eye Glass Cases
      • Baby Monitors
      • Remote Controls
      • Flashlights
      • Hospital Drainage Bags
      • Cell Phones
      • Any items with belt clip cases or belt clips

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